Requesting a CAPS workshop or program

Requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks before your program date.

Approval of program requests is dependent on CAPS availability.

Program Descriptions

Campus Connect Suicide Prevention Training: is a free, evidence-based, community-oriented training available to staff, faculty, or students. Participants learn about mental health, potential signs of suicide, and practical skills for initiating a conversation with a student in crisis and making the appropriate referral to CAPS

Mindfulness Meditation: is the art of silencing the mind and becoming a compassionate observer of your own experience. Several techniques and skills will be introduced. Participants are encouraged to find their preferred method and join us in practice regularly.

Panel Participation: a group participating in a panel discussion. A situation in which a group of people are gathered together to discuss an issue often to provide feedback on something, to brainstorm solutions to a problem or to discuss an issue of public concern in front of an audience.

Program, Workshop, Panel Participation Options

These options are provided by CAPS staff. If you are looking for workshops and trainings in Sexual Health, Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs, Mental Health, Nutrition, or a performance from SHADES Theater, please submit that request Health Outreach, Promotions and Education (HOPE).