The Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program offers groups for a variety of substance related issues:

  • Early Recovery Group – this is a support group for those students who are just beginning their recovery from alcohol/drug addiction. It gives the students a place to talk with others who have had similar experiences and who are making changes in their daily college life. It is also a good support network for students to meet others with more time in recovery.
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics – this is a support/therapy group for those students who have grown up with a family member who had or continues to have an alcohol/drug problem. This group helps students to feel less isolated, and also helps them to develop coping skills to deal with both their family’s situation and social/academic issues.
  • Alcohol and Drug Education – this group provides a service for those students who have been arrested for a drug or alcohol related offense (DWI, possession, underage drinking). The staff works closely with the court system to meet the requirements of probation and sentencing.
  • AA meetings – Although not affiliated with the University, there are a number of AA /NA meetings either on or near campus which the ADAP staff can help recovering students connect with. Give us a call for a list of AA meetings in the area. Call (848) 932-7884 for more information.