AA Meetings in the New Brunswick area

Type of Meeting:

Open – anyone can go to this meeting
Closed – only for people that have a desire to stop drinking
Speaker – 1, 2 or 3 people tell their story
Discussion – members talk about a topic that is presented at the start
Beginner – members with under a year gather in a large group and discuss the problems caused by their use and how early recovery is going
Men, Women – meetings that are open only to a particular gender
Gay – for gay men only

Sunday Meetings
Time Type Location
11:00am O, S RWJ Hospital, Medical College Building
7:30pm O, S, D St. Peter’s Medical Center, Conf Room
Monday Meetings
Time Type Location
8:00pm O, S SEBS Ext Center, College Farm Rd
Tuesday Meetings
Time       Type Location
7:30pm W, C, D, Open Door New & Kirkpatrick Street                  
8:00pm M, C, D RWJ Hosp, Med Educ Bldg,   108 B
Wednesday Meetings
Time       Type          Location
8:00pm O, D, G Unitarian Church, 176 Tices Lane, East Brunswick
8:00pm O, S Presbyterian Church, 100 Livingston Avenue
Thursday Meetings
No Thursday Meetings
Friday Meetings
Time Type Location
8:00pm O,D SEBS Extension Center
12:00am O,D SEBS Extension Center
Saturday Meetings
Time Type Location
12:15pm O,S,D, Open Door New & Kirkpatrick Street