CAPS offers an individualized ACTION PLAN for each student.  This ACTION PLAN is based on each student’s unique needs and the variety of resources available at CAPS, within the University and in the surrounding community.

At CAPS we strive to provide students with evidence-based / data driven mental health treatment that addresses each student’s most pressing need.  We commonly help students find assistance through campus and community resources.  At times, this may mean that a student’s needs are best served by a community provider who either has specialized training or resources that are a good match for the student’s needs. Some of the possible reasons for referring a student to a professional resource outside of CAPS include:

  • A student would benefit from specialized and/or intensive support

  • Other mental health providers or resources are a better fit for a student’s needs

  • A student is graduating soon and would benefit from getting connected with providers in the community

  • A student would benefit from open ended rather than structured support and/or more frequent and/or flexible appointments

  • A student may get an appointment in the community more quickly, and this is important to them


Be sure to talk to a CAPS clinician about the ACTION PLAN that is right for you!

In an interview on “Wake Up Rutgers”, Dr. Annmarie Wacha-Montes discusses the services available at CAPS as well as some tips for self-care.