Jill Richards, Psy.D.

Director of CAPS
17 Senior Street

Chicago School of Professional Psychology (CSPP-Chicago).  Dr. Richards is responsible for providing leadership and oversight to all aspects of Counseling, ADAP & Psychiatric Services (CAPS). Special interests include culturally sensitive, integrated, evidence based mental health care; professional identity development through the lifespan; and young adult struggles with severe mental health concerns. Is an LGBTQ Liaison.

Pierre Albert, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist

Rutgers University. Special interests: multicultural psychology; the adaptation process for clients from diverse cultural backgrounds; coping styles;  dynamics of race relations; anxiety, depression, and anger issues.

Fanteema Barnes-Watson, LCSW

Community-Based Counselor

Pronouns: she, her, hers

Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service. Fanteema Barnes-Watson is a licensed clinical social worker in New Jersey and New York. She has worked in educational settings for over a decade ranging from elementary public schools through private graduate schools. Her career in education focused on working with underserved populations, decreasing the achievement gap, and connecting students to mental health services in their communities. Her interests include first generation college students, multiculturalism, women (including moms with young children), LGBTQQIA, trauma, CBT, and mindfulness. Her areas of specialty include anxiety, depression, self-esteem, anger and stress management, career counseling, and relationship issues.

Richard Carlson, LCSW

Community-Based Counselor

Rutgers University School of Social Work. Richard has experience working with PTSD, childhood sexual violence, relational trauma/issues, substance and process addictions, various expressions of gender and sexuality, health and wellness, mindfulness, journaling, and spirituality

Daniel Chung, Psy.D.

Staff Psychologist
17 Senior Street

Dr. Daniel Chung is a licensed psychologist in New York and New Jersey. He completed his doctoral training at the University of Hartford where he earned his Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology. Throughout his clinical experiences, Dr. Chung has maintained a person-centered and humanistic approach in working with his clients. Special interests include: organizational psychology, sport psychology, mental and peak performance, effective expressions of emotion, couples therapy, psychological testing, intelligence and personality, multiculturalism, and men’s issues in mental health.

Sandra Dias, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist
17 Senior Street

Sandra Dias earned her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from New York University. She completed her doctoral internship at the Department of Veteran Affairs, Brooklyn, NY and her Post-Doctoral training at the Department of Veteran Affairs, McAllen, TX.

Dr. Dias has experience in health psychology, trauma, PTSD, evidence based treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic pain, and cognitive processing therapy for adults. She is also experienced in psychodynamic, group, couple and family therapy, organizational, immigration and acculturation issues.

Dr. Dias most recent research and publication entitled, Toxic rain in the class: Classroom interpersonal microaggressions was published in the Educational Researcher in April 2015. She is trilingual, fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Irina V. Efremova

Irina V. Efremova, M.D.

Staff Psychiatrist
17 Senior Street

M.D. from I. P. Pavlov Saint Petersburg State Medical University, St. Petersburg, Russia. Internship, Residency and Fellowship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York City. Board Certified in Adult Psychiatry. Orientation: Integrative treatment. Professional interests: positive psychiatry, affective disorders, cross-cultural issues, professional identity development in young adults, burnout prevention. Additional language: Russian.

Irene Gabrial

Irene Gabrial, M.D.

Staff Psychiatrist
17 Senior Street

The Faculty of Medicine Cairo University, Egypt. Psychiatric residency at Albert Einstein Medical center Philadelphia, PA. Child and Adolescent psychiatry and Geriatric psychiatry fellowship training at UMDNJ-RWJ Medical School, NJ. Board Certified in Adult Psychiatry. Professional interests: pervasive developmental disorders, affective disorders.

Siobhan Gibbons

Siobhan Gibbons, Ed.D.

Staff Psychologist
61 Nichol Avenue

Pronouns: she, her

Rutgers University. Special interests: mindfulness meditation; Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction; stress management; attention regulation and ADD/ADHD; Autism spectrum issues; cultural diversity, immigration and identity development, especially with Muslim, Middle Eastern and South Asian students. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher and has completed the 40-hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga teacher training at Bessel van der Kolk’s Trauma Center in Brookline, MA.  She is also certified to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society in University of Massachusetts Medical School.


Nicky Isaacson, LCSW, MSS, Ph.D.

Clinical Social Worker/Clinical Informaticist
17 Senior Street 

Bryn Mawr College, Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research. Rutgers University (PhD in Sociology) Special Interests: transition and adjustment in early adulthood, sexuality (including sexual dysfunction, sexual health, sexual orientation and gender expression), anxiety disorders; group psychotherapy and clinical informatics (analysis, implementation and evaluation of health information and communication systems to enhance individual and population mental health care outcomes).

Barbara Kachur-Karavites

Barbara Kachur-Karavites, LCSW, LCADC

Senior Substance Abuse Counselor
17 Senior Street

Rutgers University. Special interests; Co-occurring disorders, addiction, ACOA, trauma, supervision.

Brian Kaye

Brian Kaye, LCADC, MA, MSW

Substance Abuse Counselor
17 Senior Street

Rutgers University. Special Interests: Addiction and recovery, ACOA and family of origin issues, anger management, coping skills, harm reduction skills.

Zaynab Khan, Psy.D.

Staff Psychologist

Graduate School of Applied Professional Psychology. Dr. Khan has a specialized training in Multicultural Psychology and is interested in working with students of different backgrounds (cultures, religions, SES). She has a special interest in working with Muslim students. Dr. Khan is also part of the collaborative Multidisciplinary team for Transgender students and has an interest in working LGBTQ students. She has experience working with a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, trauma, stress management, relationship concerns and family issues. Her philosophy for treatment is a collaborative approach focused on achieving your goals, honoring your values, strengthening your relationships, and becoming the person you want to be.

Lisa Laitman

Lisa Laitman, MSEd, LCADC

Director of Alcohol and Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)
17 Senior Street

Director of the Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) within the Rutgers Health Service and CAPS. She is recognized as for her work in developing assessment and intervention services for students at risk for alcohol and other drug problems and for creating an on-campus recovery support community that includes the Recovery House. In existence since 1988, the Recovery House; an on campus residence hall for students in recovery from addictions, is the first of its kind on a college campus in the US. She is a Senior Researcher with the Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies, and serves on the University Alcohol Policy Committee, the CAPS Leadership Group and has several publications. She has a thirty-year career in the substance abuse field in both administrative and clinical roles.

Beverly Mason, LCSW, MSW

Group Program Coordinator
17 Senior Street

Rutgers University. Special Interest:  Mood disorders, young adults, coping skills, group therapy, crisis intervention, mindfulness, and issues surrounding adoption and the impact across the lifespan.

W. Reese Mayer, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Clinical Training
17 Senior Street

Louisiana Tech University. Dr. Mayer has experience in working with issues regarding mood, anxiety, substance use, relationships, families of origin, grief and loss, developmental transitions, stress management, head injuries, memory and other cognitive concerns, and living with chronic and/or serious health conditions. Additional interests include motivation, personality, and mind-body interaction.

Antonio Morales, MSW

Community-Based Counselor

Antonio Morales graduated with an MSW from Lehman College and is a licensed social worker in New York and New Jersey. He has extensive experience working with under-served and marginalized communities, which is grounded in his commitment to social justice and the healing of those who have been dehumanized; thus, he practices clinical work, utilizing a trauma informed practice lens that considers racism, homophobia, poverty and other oppressive factors that could adversely impact an individual’s mental health and overall well-being.

Keith Murphy, LPC, LCADC

Senior Substance Abuse Counselor
17 Senior Street

Keith Murphy is a licensed professional counselor and licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor in New Jersey.  He has over 14 years of experience in helping those who struggle with addiction and other major life issues rebuild their lives.

In his present role as a Recovery Counselor, Keith has been tasked to help the students in the College Recovery Program develop skills for recovery and life in college and beyond.  As a member of the Rutgers counseling staff, Keith has the privilege of seeing students flourish and become world-changers.

Siddhi J. Patel, Psy.D.

Staff Psychologist

Dr.  Patel received her bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University and her doctorate in clinical psychology from University of Hartford. She has a special interest in multicultural psychology and working with individuals of different backgrounds (e.g. ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, SES, religious beliefs).  Dr. Patel has experience working with a variety of issues with particular interest in the areas of anxiety, depression, body image/eating issues, relationship concerns and family issues, social skills, stress management, veterans issues, trauma, and psychological assessment.

Julissa Perez, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker
17 Senior Street

Rutgers University. Special Interest: Multicultural Issues and underserved populations (is an LGBTQ Liaison), Chronic Mental Illness, Adjustment Disorders, Case Management.

Michael Pino, LSW

Clinical Social Worker
17 Senior Street

Rutgers University. Special Interests: Military and Veterans, Co-occurring disorders, addiction, anxiety, depression.  Case Management and Mindfulness.

Tam Rovitto, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker
17 Senior Street

Columbia University. Special Interests: Mood disorders, grief and loss, stress management, outreach, rapid assessment. First generation college students, multicultural, immigration and refugee adjustment issues. Supervision and training of MSW students.

Racquel San Juan

Racquel San Juan, D.O.

Staff Psychiatrist
17 Senior Street

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey – School of Osteopathic Medicine, Stratford, NJ. Psychiatry residency at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway, NJ. Board certified in psychiatry. Professional interests: depression, anxiety, international students.

Najmi Shaikh, M.D.

Director of Psychiatry
17 Senior Street

Government Medical College, Nagpur, India. Internship, Residency at UMDNJ, Newark, NJ. Theoretical orientation: eclectic. Special interests: affective disorders, psychotic disorders, first-generation immigration issues, gender identity issues, professional identity issues in young adults. Additional languages: Urdu, Hindi.

Diane Simmons, Psy.D.

Assistant Director, Nichol Avenue
61 Nichol Avenue

Rutgers University. Special interests: women’s issues, psychotherapy training and supervision, depression, abuse and trauma, crisis intervention, cultural diversity.  Is an LGBTQ Liaison.

Steven Sohnle

Associate Director of Clinical Services
17 Senior Street

Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Sohnle is the Associate Director for CAPS Services and oversees clinical programs. He is active in the CAPS training program as a clinical supervisor. His special interests include the application of cognitive behavior therapy to depression and generalized anxiety/chronic worry. He particularly enjoys working with students of the fine and performing arts and with non-traditional students.

Ellen Shane Uber

E. (Ellen) Shane Uber, LCSW, MSW

Clinical Social Worker
17 Senior Street

Rutgers University. Special interests: Resiliency, family coaching with college students, immigration and acculturation issues, lifecycle transitions, ethnicity and family therapy, accessing and linking people with community resources, case management, crisis intervention and case stabilization, use of genograms as assessment and intervention tool.

Ayanna Towers, Psy.D

Staff Psychologist
17 Senior Street

Rutgers University -GSAPP. Dr. Towers’ professional interests include working with ethnically diverse groups, implementing mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy to reduce depression/anxiety symptoms, and promoting both resiliency and positive self-care in clients’ daily lives. Dr. Towers is dedicated to treating each of her clients with care and compassion. Her judgment-free approach has been empowering individuals from all walks of life in a variety of clinical settings, including hospitals, schools and correctional facilities.

Wilhelmina Vargas, MSW, LCSW

Community-Based Counselor

Pronouns: she, they

Rutgers Graduate School of Social Work. Mina Vargas is a licensed clinical social worker. She is interested in working with students, staff, faculty, and administrators from all backgrounds. Her passion is in providing clinical services that are affirming and empowering to minorities such as first generation immigrants, international, and especially individuals and groups along the LGBTQIA continuum. Mina is a charter member of RSH Excellence in Transcare Services that works to develop and provide best practice services for our gender expansive students.

She believes in the idea of living well and the importance of holistically addressing the mind, body, and spirit to achieve a balanced, healthy, and happy life. Her practice philosophy is rooted in various traditional and evidence-based therapeutic modalities that are complementary to Integral Yoga, Reiki, Mindfulness practices, and meditation in movement through rock-climbing and other physical activities. She has received specialized sex therapy training approved by AASECT, is fluent in Norwegian, and enjoys conversing informally in Tagalog and Spanish.

Annmarie Wacha-Montes

Annmarie Wacha-Montes, Psy.D.

Assistant Director for Community Based Services
17 Senior Street

Pronouns: she, her, or their

Nova  Southeastern University. Special interests: addictions (e.g., substance and eating issues), trauma, suicide prevention, crisis intervention, stabilization, PTSD, health issues, mood disorders, and co-occurring disorders, women’s issues, guided self-change and sexual orientation issues (works with LGBTQ communities; LGBTQ liaisaon), works with veterans.


Matthew Witter, Psy.D.

Staff Psychologist
17 Senior Street

Dr. Witter completed his undergraduate degree in Social Sciences/Education at San Jose State University in San Jose, CA and his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University in San Francisco.   He has experience working with issues including depression, anxiety, PTSD, LGBT, and major life transitions. Special interests include multicultural counseling, and working with individuals who have multiple minority identities, including people of color, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community. Dr. Witter utilizes an eclectic therapeutic approach that involves cognitive-behavioral interventions, mindfulness and meditation, as well as using a person-centered style to understand the whole patient. Dr. Witter works to help his patients understand their true strengths, giving them hope, and helping them realize unhelpful cognitions.

Patricia M. Woodin-Weaver

Patricia M. Woodin-Weaver, Ed.D.

Assistant Director for Clinical Training
17 Senior Street

Rutgers University-Graduate School of Education. Dr. Woodin-Weaver is the Chairperson for the RHS Multi-disciplinary Team that develops and coordinates services for students with Eating Disorders. She is the Staff Trainer for delivery of guided self-help treatment for Binge Eating Disorder; trained as a Response Team Advocate for the RU Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance Department; and is a trained Liaison for the LGBTQA community through the Center for Social Justice Education Dept. Special interests include: advocacy related to and treatment of eating disorders; violence prevention and supportive response to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence; safe community building and support for LGBTQA students; college transition and adjustment issues; healthy relationships in young adulthood, especially in case of social anxiety; crisis intervention, case management and stabilization services for students with chronic mental health issues, including community implications; learning differences and their impact on adult learners; mental health outreach in college communities; resilience and creativity in adult development and treatment; supervision and training for emerging psychological professionals.

Audra Yacka, Psy.D.

Staff Psychologist
61 Nichol Avenue

Pace University. Special interests: transitional and adjustment issues; crisis intervention and stabilization; mindfulness techniques.  Is an LGBTQ Liaison.

Doctoral Psychology Interns

Sejal Brahmbhatt, MS, MA
Lauren Carino, MA
Ben Glueck, MA
Amri Sabharwal, MA

Psychology Practicum Students

Kate Bailey
Donald Cohen
Julia Harbell
Tara Kellman
Rupali Kulshreshtha
Aliza Lasky
Drew Madore
Jay Newman
Ruby Rhoden
Helen Tan

Master of Social Work Interns

Caroline Black
Erika Cardenas
Nivedita Elangovan
Aubrey Foster
Robert Hake
Jesse Stone