You can make an appointment for counseling by calling the main counseling office at 848-932-7884. You can also stop in at the Senior Street counseling office during office hours. We will offer you an initial telephone screening appointment, usually on the same day. This first screening appointment will last approximatley 15 minutes and help us to determine the most appropriate kind of help to offer you. This initial contact will give you a chance to say what has been bothering you and to talk with a counselor about what options are available for further counseling. When you call for an appointment, we will ask you for your name, phone number, and Rutgers ID number. The phone number will be used only to call to confirm an appointment, or to change it if necessary. When we call, if you aren’t there we would usually leave a neutral message saying, "Please call about our meeting," or something like that, instead of saying Counseling and Psychological Services called. 

At CAPS, we believe your personal commitment to helping yourself is critical to an effective counseling experience.  Counselors can be helpful only if you are willing to recieve the help, attend scheduled sessions, and engage in new ways of thinking and acting outside of the counseling setting.  Keeping appointments is very important. If an emergency arises, please notify us as soon as possible that you will not be able to make your appointment. This allows us to offer the time to another student. As you may have experienced, there are times when the demand for services means that clients have to wait (longer than any of us would like) to be seen.